Friday, August 20, 2010


2 movies in a row again today...The Repomen and The Descent 2...both oso is a bloody insane movie that kills is nice =P

today...spend time with fren talking...quite nice can find ppl talk to sumtimes..haha...suddenly thinking about my mom...back to 10 yrs ago...when i hold her hand...and back to recently when i hold her hand...i realise my mom has changed a lot...she is getting older...observed through her wrinkled skin...feel that time flies.. still take care of my bro and me vr well...then unconditional love from mom...i feel so warmth.. >.<

but y my mom deserves illness? y she deserve getting tumor and emotion depression at the same time? when i knew it that time..i feel so sad till tears...all i can did is sit by her side and seeing her cries sumtimes..i cant speak much but trying to convince least recently her depression is getting better by taking some medicine...costly though...feel wants to faster working so that she no nit to work till so hard to cover up some expenses...i love you mom... =)


  1. life is precious. it looks simple yet life is complicate with challenge. ...
    About ur mom.i am sure she wants u to be successful one day. spend more time with her to fight against the bad cell and depression.


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