Friday, August 20, 2010


2 movies in a row again today...The Repomen and The Descent 2...both oso is a bloody insane movie that kills is nice =P

today...spend time with fren talking...quite nice can find ppl talk to sumtimes..haha...suddenly thinking about my mom...back to 10 yrs ago...when i hold her hand...and back to recently when i hold her hand...i realise my mom has changed a lot...she is getting older...observed through her wrinkled skin...feel that time flies.. still take care of my bro and me vr well...then unconditional love from mom...i feel so warmth.. >.<

but y my mom deserves illness? y she deserve getting tumor and emotion depression at the same time? when i knew it that time..i feel so sad till tears...all i can did is sit by her side and seeing her cries sumtimes..i cant speak much but trying to convince least recently her depression is getting better by taking some medicine...costly though...feel wants to faster working so that she no nit to work till so hard to cover up some expenses...i love you mom... =)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

After so long... being few months away since my last blog..not too addicted in less posting stuffs..>"<

Recently..many things happened around...such as conflicts among housemates where i dono how to solve for them..i hope everything will goes well and back to normal..that day..suddenly my fren A getting so anger at my another fren B..i thought they wanna have a fight kicking chair towards another fren emotionally..luckily does not happened anything...but another fren C so eager to watch them fight...dono wat he is thinking...=,='' still not yet hit puberty meh? ( immature) LOlz...
I think evrthing will back to normal...

Works start stacking on queue and is getting higher..yet..don have the feel to settle it...recently start craze about smartphone...and Samsung i9000 Galaxy S attract my eyes away from IPhones..and my work as well..LOlz..

But its price does blew me off too..RM 2k++...My PTPTN gonna cut half..LOlz..still thinking wanna to get it or not...been dreaming to get 1 smartphone vr long ago...and now i finally found 1 that suite my feel..Dono how to make decision ah!!!

There is 3 phone that im still considering..IPhone 3GS, Nokia N8, Samsung i9000 Galaxy S...Hope someone can help me out on this.. >"<

There is rumors said that Streamyx is going to stop all those P2P things going on..and as a result..KL, Penang, JB..all the download speed drops and becomes slow when evrthing about P2P stuffs connected..any idea about this? experience any of this recently?
I think very soon...the competitor of Streamyx will get over Streamyx..LOlz.... >.<
Kinda sad for those who likes to download(myself) and stream PPS...Let us hope there is a software that will hack or crack all these problems..haha...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What is in my mind for today... has been a while since my last blogging..about the movie review...hmm...i won't tell it here d...since many people watched already...LOlz...

Last friday, i went to Genting Highlands with my first i kinda regret going there cz suddenly i am free to go back to my hometown. I miss my hometown a lot and i wanted to meet my friends too.
But once i play the roller coaster...i think my dad is what surname i also forgot already...LOlz...Ya..i loves thrilling activities...that is roller coaster!! i played whole day and i were damn tired on that day and i have to drag myself into the casino as i never enter there before.

One of my friend he gamble lose till RM 150..but at last he win RM50 from there..lucky huh? >"<
I have no experience to gamble and i go in there to see many people losing money rather than kinda a creepy place cause many people already stuck at there the that place keep sucking their money out of their pocket..looking at the gamblers makes me =.=''' But i would like to gamble a little bit when the next time i going there =P Well, we have to try everything in our live so we never regret living up our live =p

During mignite, we went to starbucks. This is the first time i visit starbucks..LOlz..drinking the new fruppuchino espresso...OMG...nvr drink that when u going to when u wake up...your urine and SxxT will smells like espresso...>"< but definitely i will visit there again when i back to Penang as Johor don't have 1 nearby my university..need to go very far T.T

Hmm...going there...eating cost me a lot...but i damn enjoy eating at there...especially bak kut teh...thanks to the bak kut teh...i eat till nose bleeding...LOlz...dunno they put wat into the bak kut teh...keng... =.=''

Then we back at the next day...sigh...back to assignment mode...sienz...while other course people enjoying 2 months holiday at their hometown... T.T

I wanted to go back penang ah!!! T.T
wanted go back visit my mom...hope her sickness getting better i love u...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

3rd days in penang being 3 days since i reach Penang...and i dono ate wat and cause me diarrhea till now...OMG...swt lor...Hope i get well soon.. T_T
Kinda enjoy my day in Penang except for the diarrhea =.=''
I wanna watch Clash of Titans and How to Train Your Dragon le...of cz 3D version im aiming.. =)

too bad..all those movies i mentioned above are fully booked!!! =.=
Well..i think i just watch Kaiji the movie while waiting first...the main character is the main character from Death Note..Yagami Light..Tatsuya Fujiwara... >"<

From the trailer and synopsis, looks like this movie attract my attention!! and ... the theme song is YUI new song = Yui-It's all too much =!! OMG >"<
For YUI fans u guys can go check it out.. =)
Well,wait i watch all those movies d then i will post a comment on those movies =)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Evrthing off we go and preparing going into final...

Today at last finished 2 final project presentation at once...It is a nice feeling since everything is more final projects, presentations and exams...but still got final exam... T_T
Something very funny happened in our presentation. All of us presenting our part accordingly by following the slides, when one of my fren presenting his part, he were ask by lecturer some terms that were used inside the slide. He did not try to answer it and said....I is like...OMG!! all of us were laughing at him..never thought of he never prepared that slide well before presenting to the lecturer. Well,at least we manage to pass the non-stop questions from the lecturer(maybe we did less than the expectation of what the lecturer wanted).
Hmm...another friend of mine now keep complaining about what he experienced. This is all caused from all gals passing all the project job to him and few of them did nothing.Well, he now get what we feel all the previous sem when we same group with him. Did rubbish job and we need to clean up the mess. Maybe this is a good training for him for not depending others huh? :D

Plan to going back Penang thing come is....FOODS!! mom's homemade food...think about it also hungry d... :P~
and hokkien mee and char koey teow is a muz eat food when I reach Penang.. XD~

Now raining...i hope Penang raining too >"<
At least penangties won't having water supply problem like Johor did.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Johor's water quality

It's being a while i stop writing things in my blog and i know amy u keep looking at the same thing for this past few months..LOlz...sorry to dissappoint u... XD am i going to endure the quality water at here??
started from today, 1 month from now, water will be only available from 10am till 10pm and that is not the main problem, the main problem is we need to use dirty water(though it look clean)to bath and drink....bath with this water will make your hair like bath with swimming pool water. I think is because the quantity of chlorine in the water. Hmm...actually they try to create rain in Kluang which the water dam is at there. But the funny thing is, the raining cloud eventually flow to my place, Batu Pahat.. Hence, raining here few times a week and there no rain and the water quality going down...SIGH....Hoping this will end soon and i can drink a good quality of "sky juice" =.=''v

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Penang Bridge Marathon 2009

22 Nov is the day im going marathon with my im staying in my friend's house near butterworth and we went together by car and we woke up 430am in the morning @@"...on the road i saw a dead body of a dog...i were thinking...owh..pity the dog...then the journey continues...then i saw a cat....on the middle of the road!! and surprisingly is the cat is still alive...and a car is coming...i wonder what will happened to the cat and i didn't go see it...*no eyes see =.=*

After we reach jetty,we queuing to get into ferry to go to penang Queensbay Mall there for the starting point of the marathon.we nearly late for the run due to the traffic problem but at last we manage to get there just in time ^.^v

We were joining the fun run category and it was a 10km long of run.All of my friends pass me their cellphones and call me to keep it and i were running while holding a bag full of wallets and is quite heavy after i run a short while =,= in addition, i have to "tahan" cause my tank full of NH3...NH3 = 17 le...heavy if sum up all the molecules...aiseh...back to chemistry >"<

After i finished the run...while separated with all of my friends...i having a hard time to find them due to so many i go to the lucky draw place hoping to get something...i were late for the lucky draw because searching the whole place and i manage to go for the grand prize lucky draw which is a motor and proton SAGA sponsored by Penang's chief minister Lim Guan nice of him just sponsored 1 car only >"< ( cause i did not get any =.= )

After the lucky draw finished i continue my journey in searching my last i found one of my friend...fate huh? out of so many thousands of people @@" and i get chocolate as my breakfast... XD~ still didn't eat till fridge...LOlz.. after that i went home and resting and sleep bout 1H and work till a tough day...but is a memorable day for me.. ^_^

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